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Τρίτη, 25 Ιουνίου 2013



Mark Manson's new program, “Masculine Power Now: Destroy Insecurity, Grow Huge Balls, And Bang Women Like A Rockstar”… is almost ready!

If you're serious about becoming the type of strong, confident man that all women long for… the type of man who knows what he wants, goes for it without apology, and gets more women than he can handle, then this program is for you.

It's going to CHANGE THE GAME for the guys who get their hands on it… because once you tap into your inner Masculine Power, you no longer need “game”.

You radiate confidence and strength women NOTICE. You stand out so much from the other, less powerful men that a girl has no choice but to want YOU.

This Saturday, at 12 Noon Pacific, Mark and I are going to open up the program to just 500 men.

The information in this program is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. The guys who get it are going to gain an understanding of women, attraction, and THEMSELVES that, once put into action, literally makes women GRAVITATE towards them.

As much as we want to help guys get their shit together, we feel it's important to keep it exclusive.

We want the guys who get in to have an advantage over every other guy out there.

So after a lot of discussion, 500 is the number we came up with.

There are now nearly 100,000 subscribers on this little newsletter - crazy how it's grown so fast! And get this…

OVER 5,000 OF YOU have written in telling us you want it!

The emails are STILL coming in, as we speak. And…

That's not even the START of the demand!

Mark has been doing this for a long time and his ideas are very popular. 159,000 men read his blog, every single month.

This is the first time he has EVER taught this information, these guys want it also.

So the 500 spots for Masculine Power Now are going to fill up FAST.

But as you know Angelos, I'm the one who twisted Mark's arm and finally got him to teach this stuff… so because of that, I can give YOU first dibs!

To make sure you get in, I've set up a special Pre-Order List:

Get on the Pre-Order List

… this is gonna allow you to reserve your spot in Masculine Power Now ONE FULL HOUR before everyone else!

Just go to the page and enter your email, and when we launch this Saturday, I'm going to send you a special, secret link to reserve your copy early.

Everyone else will get to order at Noon Pacific, but I'm gonna send you your link at 11am!

So go here, and sign up now, and be by your computer this Saturday at 11am:

Get on the Pre-Order List

This will be the LAST program on women and attraction you EVER have to get… so I hope you don't miss it.



P.S. Have any questions about the program? If so, send 'em on in! Mark and I are going to be answering your questions in a special email later this week!

P.P.S. Shoot… I almost FORGOT to tell you! The first 10 guys who get Masculine Power Now are going to each get a personal One-Hour Phone Coaching Session with Mark Manson himself!

Get on the Pre-Order List

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